Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sect Et Sept.

katherine elisabeth.
"once in a lifetime."
photographer: frederica cabrera.
makeup: pentti syrijala.
styling: jasmin mishima.

ahhhhh, i heart this.
that's all.
have a nice day. =)

Oscar de la Renta.

oscar de la renta.
resort 2012.
new york.
 images via: styledotcom.

hey guys. sorry for the lack of posts, but let me go right ahead and explain. i work ALL THE TIME! i honestly have no time to do anything anymore. the other day i went shopping and had some "morgan time" but i haven't been able to do that in a realllyyyy long time. all i do is go to work, come home, eat, pass out, read reviews of fashion shows, watch a few of my favorite gurus youtube vids, pass out again, get up and go to work. soooo i apologize but life's been a little crazy. and i also have other things to do as far as my family life goes sooo...yeah. my bad guys. anywayss, i promised my review of the de la renta show a week or two ago so lets just jump right on into this bad boy, shall we?

sooo, when i saw the still shots from this show before i even read a single review, i immediately thought of pablo picasso and de la renta being inspired from his hispanic roots...and what do ya know! your girl was correct. =D there were so many cool rusty colors, reds, black, know. then there was a ton of attention to detail,..wellll at least i thought so. the embroidery wasn't spectacular but it had a VERY VERRYYYYY nice touch. there was always some sort of beading or something on every look. lots of cool patterns, jackets, hats, and gorgeous gowns. this really did strike me as a great collection but especially a great resort collection. for some reason i can ONLY picture the rich and famous prancing around in this stuff, but that's okay. i can just dream of getting to that point lol. any who, obviously i liked this. soo i'm just going to go ahead and post a few of my favorite looks from the catwalk. byeeee.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Giorgio Armani.

giorgio armani.
resort 2012.
collection lookbook.

okay fashionista darlings, if you've been a reader for awhile now it should be very clear by now that i LOVE giorgio armani. there is nothing that he touches that does not turn to gold. i mean, everything from every single collection that he puts out is absolutely incredible. this one i really liked. it was siiiccckkkk. and whoever the hell shot this lookbook did a tight ass job, because it stuck out to me out of a million bagillion other resort collections and i just HAD to click on it. and what do you know, it's my boy giorgio's stuff. i was so excited. i mean look at these clothes, and this rad photography!!! it's hard to even look away. so after hours of debating, i want to show you guys my favorite looks. enjoy.

Dolce & Gabbana.

dolce & gabbana.
fall 2011.
campaign preview.
photographer: steven klein.

if you want to know the logistics on who all the models are in this i'll put a link at the go look for yourself. (sorry to be rude, but i just didn't feel like typing all of that out and trying not to mis-spell anyone's name =/ ) any who, i haven't posted an advertisement campaign in awhile...or at least not that i know of. i'm always a big fan of dope group shots. i've seen some here and there, but nothing has really caught my attention recently. then yesterday i saw this and got excited. it's just a preview and i cannot wait until the real deal comes out. i like the clothes and all the models from liu to kate look absolutely fantastic. i think it's fantastic how there's six chicks here but none of them are off. everybody is on point. and that's what i like to see. so go ahead and have a look for yourself. it's very impressive. ;)

Carbon Copy.

jordan barett.
carbon copy.
by: thor elias.

okay so i promise i won't post anymore bronzy, sunny, tan skinned, blonde haired chicks on the covers of magazines any more.!! lol, i mean, but you guys HAVEEE GOOOOOTTTTT TO ADMIT that it looks pretty gosh darn cool. right? i mean, being a fashion geek, IIII know that she's posing but it really doesn't look like she is. it comes across very effortless does it not? the lighting is complete perfection and i'm also a big fan of that sweet ass feather earring...very cool.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fashion Magazine.

jac jagaciak.
fashion magazine poland.
summer 2011.
by: zuza krajewska & bartek wieczorek.

this is interesting. not to much my style completely but i do enjoy stuff like this from time to time.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs.

marc by marc jacobs.
resort 2012.
new york.

okay fashionistas, we like this one. we sooo like this one. ya know, there's this fashion tag thing going around on youtube called "the fashion tag" haha, and so many people list marc jacobs as one of their favorite designers. rightly so. he's become so huge, so big, so iconic that everybody who has even the slightest interest in the fashion world at least knows his name. this collection wasn't as quirky as his others for his marc by marc jacobs line but it was still fun and fresh.  it's very youthful, has a nice take on color, texture, and patterns. i also really enjoyed how he picked chloe memisevic to model everything. it was a nice feel, she's tall slender, light hair, the glasses, mixed with the urban chic vibe,..... suhh-weeet.!! good job jacobs team, you win yet again. so check out my favorite looks. i hope you enjoy and go ahead and swing on by my youtube channel if you get a chance. i'm actually in the process of uploading a new video right now on my industrial/scaffold ear piercing, so check that shit out. anyways, besides that, i've got more stuff coming your way so stay tuned.

Mr. Ward.

tony ward.
vogue hommes international.
by: maciek kobielski.

i know this is kind of old for you fashion geeks who keep up with the latest of the latest stuff, but then again, i'm pretty sure there are a ton of fashion fanatics who have never seen this. so therefore i decided to post this. tony ward is a pretty bad ass guy if you ask me. everything he does if very terry richardson-esque. i actually thought that richardson shot this but he didn't. but i'm sure many would back me up on that assumption. anyways, this evokes some major cool points. i'm feeling the drunk/spaced out look while wearing a dior homme tux and black chuck taylors...nice, nice. i'm also feeling the neutral outfit white those insanely expensive well as the look with the baseball style jacket. love this!


elle czech.
july 2011.

hey folks. i found this cover to be probably one of the best summer ones that i've see in awhile. the blue background against her tan skin, the freckles, and those amazing circular framed glasses with the pink lenses are all awesome compliments of one another. i'm not going to babble on about this only because i don't know all of the information as to who is behind this extraordinary photo. but i'll be sure to find out. anyways, have a fantastic day fashionistas. don't drink and drive, drive and drink...and remember to always smile.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lydia Hearst.

the sunday times style.
june 2011.
photographer: ben hassett.

anyone who's into the world of fashion, beauty, and art will always appreciate the dazzling qualities of a striking woman. and lydia on this cover is extremely striking. her eyes are great and that awesome red lip...FANTASTIC.!

Rock N' Roll.

merethe hopland.
by: david wang.
styled by: erica sanchez.

this is pretty solid. i'm kind of depressed because my computer crashed soooo i can only blog, check emails, and watch my youtube vids on either my sister's laptop or that extremely slow ass desktop that we have downstairs at my house. oh i came across this editorial and it jumped right out at me and said, "morgan, POST ME ON YOUR BLOG!" so, that's exactly what i'm doing. this is so fun. i love the clothes, the black and white photography, her hair, the dark makeup, her sweet facial expressions. overall, this was a pretty cool shoot. it makes me want to go listen to some bomb ass music for a couple hours and dance around my bedroom lol. sounds like a good plan if you ask me. ;)
take care fashion friends.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Katie Fogarty.

"neo chic."
flair italy.
june 2011.
kate fogarty.
photography by: nicholas moore.

ahhh, living a carefree, fabulous, chic life alone....sounds wonderful. that's pretty much how i envisioned my life until a certain someone popped into the picture, but that loner thing can always come back into fruition if i choose for it to. anyways, i just thought this editorial was cute, i'm a katie fogarty fan, and the clothes are whats up. it's all very doll like, innocent, elegant....cutsie..very ME. lol. hope you like.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jenni Kayne.

jenni kayne.
resort 2012.

i've been really into looking at loobooks lately. they're fun to go through.
it's wayyy better than paging through a boring department store catalog, i'll tell ya that.
sooo i wanted to find a lookbook that was fun, bright, and my style. well looky here, the jenni kayne one turned out to be perfect for this post. it's fresh take on the whole flood pant, trying to go back to the seventies thing but still being modern. the whole, i don't give a **** look on the model's face is rather refreshing as she stands there looking utterly "too cool." the straight lines and free-ness of the clothing makes it more appealing to my eyes because everything looks so comfortable to wear. very simple, but fashionable. nothing too glitzy or crazy, just clothes for your everyday kinda gal. hope you guys like my favorite looks. talk to you laterrrr.

Jenni Kayne Resort '12 Look Book
Jenni Kayne Resort '12 Look Book
Jenni Kayne Resort '12 Look Book
Jenni Kayne Resort '12 Look Book