Sunday, July 31, 2011

Francoise Nielly.

francoise nielly.

hey ladies and gents. soooo i haven't found any cool ass art in a minute...soo i decided to go back to someone that i posed on wayyy back in november. some of you might remember, others may not. but francoise nielly is amazing. color color color color color! whoa, these paintings are out of this world with COLOR! but that's not even all i see when i look at francoise's work. i see amazing abstraction mixed with definition, soul, and a vibrancy that is almost impossible to explain. i see life and the spirit of humanity. when i get my own place, i want home dog's painting alllll over my apartment. they are officially THAT COOL! so take a look for yourself at some of her newer work.
tah tah for now fashionistas.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Agyness Dean.

"soldier girl."
by: boo george.

you guys! i haven't seen a photograph of my girl in a lonnnnggg time. i miss her. i wonder what she's up to nowadays. she used to be my favorite model of all time. and i'm not going to say she's not my fav anymore, but she's just not as active as she once was. but anyways, even though this pic is from like a year ago, fashiongonerogue featured it as their little photo of the day, soooo i decided to post it on here. agyness girl, wherever you are, come back! i miss seeing you in everything!!! okie dokie fashionistas, here she is...hope you like the pic-chaa.  bye.
-morgs =)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tao Okamoto.

tao okamoto.
vogue china.
august 2011.
photographed by: lachlan bailey.

woww, i love tao. haha, that rhymes. anyways, my sister and i were browsing around the mall today and we went into the gap and guess who we saw on the wall??? TAO! any what do you know, i come home looking for something to blog about and i find this spread for vogue china that's about to come out featuring okamoto herself. what a coinky-dink. i must say, i am a big fan. she's great. sooo, here she is. these are awesome pics. enjoy.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


flair magazine.
august 2011.
by: emilio tini.

ladies! i've got more fashion trend news for you. i've got to go purchase a few more myself because they seem to be blowing up this season, so get ready. HATS! awww man, if you guys have been following me for awhile now, i'm sure you're well aware of my fascination with headwear. i love headbands, hair accessories, hats, beanies...i love it all. i also thought this spread captivated this season and this specific trend in a pretty cool way. the actual clothing is pretty much on point as well too. so yep, i'm excited about this. i told myself that when school starts i cannot go on anymore crazy shopping sprees..except like after christmas and my birthday. thrifting does not count. but yeah, so i guess i need to get on this. i have exactly a month. =/ eeeek, oh well. it'll be fun to go broke for these next couple of weeks. but hey, i'll look great. toodles fashionista friends.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


july 2011.
model: bella barber.
shot by: troyt coburn.

"the future is now." .....hmmmm i like that. because i know that it is. i think it's so crazy that i was able to get the chance to grow up during this massive technological era that many of my peers blow off because they're simply use to constant advances in technology. but i think it's the most rad thing ever. just look at the internet and how it is now used for media, entertainment purposes, banking, television watching, shopping, and communication. it's nuts. look at cell phones and the advances that they've made...everyone has one. or digital music players, ipods and mp3s. you can carry around a music library of over 50,000 of your favorite tunes in your back pocket! and as far as fashion goes, it has become this huge phenomenon recently. everyone seems to have developed a sudden interest and it has changed this industry DRASTICALLY. it's all so cool to think about. i wonder what you guys think...=)
anyways, go check out my youtube channel and subscribe to it. i'll talk to you all laterrrr.

Wild Skin.

sophie vlaming.
soon international.
#13 spring 2011.
shot by: thiemo sander.

ooOOoooOOo aren't her eyes haunting? this is sick. i'm sooo feeling this. thank you fashioncopious for always posting artistically inspired fashion editorials. you guys are awesome. and this one fits the bill. her eyes are great, the hair, her stance, and of course that "wild skin." great photographs.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miu Miu Eyewear.

miu miu.
fall/winter 2011.
eyewear campaign.
model: hailee steinfeld.
photographer: bruce weber.

ok, now normally i don't think that a campaign like this would really stand out and catch someone's eye, but for some reason this one did. and i'll tell you why it did that for me. basically i see a ton of girls like this now-a-days. you know, this whole 60s/70s vibe, long hair don't care, bell bottom, shirt colar, simple makeup wearing thing is all over the place, but i'm down. i can see a bunch of chicks gravitating towards this campaign because this totally fits the mold of this model. this "style" is really popular right now, so i'm sure the miu miu marketing team was thinking super hard about this when they shot this campaign. so, i think these glasses are going to sell sell sell. they're cute, nicely designed, but easy enough to wear with a variety of things. they're not so outrageous. i might even want to save up to cop a pair for myself actually lol. anyways, i'm gonna go. i have a big checklist of things that i need to get done today. i plan on making another post but who knows how that's going to turn out. check out my youtube because i think a new video is coming on there sometime in this 24 hours as uhh yeah, talk to you later fashionista friends.

Karlie Kloss.

vogue us.
august 2010.
by: craig mcdean.

ahhhh karlie karlie karlie. i don't think that i have done a blog post about her ever since my best friend tyeler saw her at a party a couple months ago. anyways, she's been all over the place lately but i have yet to post any of her new work. sooo here we go. i love this. everyone is flipping out because she's become such a chameleon but actually, i remember her posing like this with a similar look for i believe it was vogue china about a year or two yeah. this just proves that i am a huge fan haha. soo i really like this little pixie thing she has going on, it works phenomenally with her face. i really liked this shoot as well for the clothes. i think the stylists and editors did a good job in choosing warm fall colors that embody a large portion of a lot of the trends that will be coming up. soooo that's pretty exciting i guess. i cannot WAIT to go to school! eeek, i wish it would just hurry up and start already, but i still have month and two days to be exact. i need to get a few more pieces for my wardrobe and i'll be set. yayyy, no more catholic school girl uniform everyday. i can officially wear whatever i want. so stocked.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Freida Pinto.

interview magazine.
august 2011.
shot by: mert & marcus.

this caught my eye...i liked it...thought it was pretty bad i decided to post it for you guys to see.
and that's it.

Gwen Loos.

gwen loos.
elle us.
august 2011.
photography by: terry tsiolis.

alright ladies, i know it's july and all but summer goes by fast...sooooo i figured why not start posting stuff that has to do with fall trends. so, as you can see leather is back and here to stay. i thought about buying a pair of leather pants once buuutttt i'm not so sure anymore because i'd probably sweat like a pig so i might hold off on that idea. but leather leggings are cool. so if i do get those, i'll be sure to invest in a quality pair because i'm sure i'd wear them a whooolleee lot. so yeah, leather leather leather. add that to your back to school shopping list and you'll be good to go. =)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lara Stone.

lara stone.
vogue paris.
by inez van lamsweerde & vinoodh matadin.

you better work it lara girl!

Ellie Saab.

ellie saab.
fall 2011.

oh wowwww! did you guys see this!!!! now ellie saab is known for making incredible, romantic, beautifully light, flowy, detailed, magnificent pieces of clothing that are jaw dropping to look at as they go down the runway...but this collection has got to be one of the absolute best ones that he's done in awhile. this whole couture season for fall of this year has definitely been pretty impressive, but this ellie saab show was bananas. sooo amazing. it honestly was truly breathtaking. every single gown was gorrggeeeouusss! if you haven't seen this still shots, it's a must that you go check them out. everything is really light and graceful,...kind of reminds me of ice in a way too because of the dope ass embroidery. ahhh, soo sick. the draping and fabric choices were one point! great job team. you get my thumbs up ferrr surre. ;)
it was sooo hard for me to choose my favorite looks but i tried. so check em' out.


mona johannesson.
stockholm s/s/a/w.
by: andreas ohlund.

hellloooo people of the world. miss me?!!? well, your girl is back in full effect. I GOT MY COMPUTER FIXXXEDDDD. so now, two hundred dollars later, i can start getting back to what i love doing....BLOGGGINNNGG! it's just a great outlet for me. even though i'm not huge like bryanboy or whoever,...i've had a decent following and love helping my fellow fashion nerds out. sooo uhhh yeah. i also enjoy looking back on past entries for inspiration and also to laugh at myself because i find it quite comical how i've phrased things..haha. any-who, aren't these pickies cuttteee! ahhh, young love. nothing gets better than that, i'll tell ya. i just wanted to post this because i thought it was cute and since i'm practically married now, i find this to actually hit home a little. too bad i can't take adorable pictures like this everyday =( this long distance thing SUCKS ASS you guys. don't do it unless your committed, i'll tell you that much. but then again, distance makes the heart grow fonder right?? butttttt anywayyy onto the fashion side of this. sweaters sweaters sweaters! i really want one like the one she's wearing in her solo pic. but all the really nice ones that i've had my eye on are a hundred bucks or well over that. so that kinda sucks, but i'll probably just go ahead and splurge on one anyway. haha.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Washed Up.

b magazine.
# 4.
by: aitken jolly.

holly mother of pearl! this hippy, cool, chill, hipster, laid back vibe going on in the fashion world right now is KILLING ME! i absolutely love it! AHHH, so amazing. although i think that if too many of our normal everyday wearers start to catch on that i'll begin to hate it. but, for right now i am definitely in love. check this out.

oh and real quick, also be sure to check out my youtube channel. i just uploaded a new video the other day soo go on there and subscribe!

Sky Ferreira.

sky ferreira.
style caster.
shot by: hugh lippe.

hey guys. i got my wisdom teeth pulled the other day and i have been MISERABLE! omg, i've have a lot of work done to my mouth over the years and this is by far the worst experience that i've ever had. it's been like three or four days and i still cannot feel the right side of my chin or bottom lip....this shit sucks. anyways, that has nothing to do with this blog...i just felt like complaining to someone. not that any of you would really care. soooo onto this shoot. do you guys think this is cool or not? i'm on the edge. i think at a first glance, it's pretty rad because it's so different but at the same time.....i don't really know if i'd like this over time...idk, you tell me. but for now i dig it. i have a sneaky suspicion that a ton of stuff is going to start looking like this is the near future...guess we'll just have to wait and see. over and out fashionistas.