Monday, January 23, 2012

Coco Rocha.

coco rocha.
photographer: chris nicholls.
flare magazine.
february 2012.

ohhh coco, how i've missed you so. i haven't done a post with you in it for awhile girl!!! where you been?!?! lol. i love this girl, and i think i always have. this set of photographs is really fun. i love the mix of the different designers from the likes of louis vuitton, miu miu, and erdem all mixed together. it's funny because every shot seen here is so different but i must say that i'm a pretty big fan of all of this even though nothing necessarily matches or "goes together." but that's okay, because it works! =)
make sure you check out my youtube channel for new videos. my most recent one is a vlog on the fashion capital differences around the world. check it out. talk to you guys latterrrr. bye.