Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vogue Italia.

anna lundgaard.
vogue italia.
february 2012.

hi guys! i love this!! it reminds me of how my bedroom used to look until i redid it. i remember people used to be obsessed with my wall that was covered in fashions spreads and advertisements. (lol, a real hit among the hipster kids). these pics are great. i've never head of anna before so i looked her up. she's a newcomer for unique models. i like her. i can dig her look and style....especially for this. vogue italia is big time for a new model. i'm enjoying how this was styled. it's got a masculine and rock edge but a sophisticated clean cut feel to it. it's kind of like she's trying to be this harsh rebel but she's really pretty put together and polished. i could compare this to a way. maybe...sorta kinda...idk, you guys can judge for yourself lol. anyways, like i said earlier, look out for fashion show reviews from the haute couture shows going on. i'll talk to you guys later. if you need anything, be sure to shoot me an email. otherwise, head over to my youtube channel to check out my videos.