Friday, January 20, 2012

Young Americans.

"young americans."
andie arthur.
by: siljia magg.

hello people of the world. i'm so happy i found this group of photographs. i don't know what they're for but i know who shot them, i guess that's all that really matters. i'm stuck in this weird point in my life. i decided to stay at home this year instead of going away to school right away, and i feel like even though i'm constantly working and staying busy grinding, i still feel as though i'm a child. one part of me hates it because i'm still under my parents' watch, but then i kind of don't want to grow up too soon either. these pictures remind me of the spirit of my sister and i. just carefree, wild, and imaginative spirits. i suppose that's why i connect with this so much. anyways, i hope you guys like it. in the mean time, go head over to my youtube channel for new videos. be sure to subscribe once you get there. i'll talk to you guys later.