Monday, January 16, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana.

dolce & gabbana.
fall 2012.
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hello folks. sooooo all the shows for menswear fall 2012 are going on right now.
i'm really loving everything that i've been seeing lately. so far, the dolce & gabbana show has been my favorite. it exuded such a sophistication and looking at it felt like you were watching a story unfold through time. it was pretty gosh darn cool if you ask me. it had an operatic artsy vibe, but with a touch of modernism. but then towards the end, the reeled it in and you were able to see that structure and impeccable cuts/tailoring were the star of the show. i hope you guys head over to to read the review for yourself. this was pretty awesome guys. here's my favorite looks from the show.
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-morgan =)