Monday, January 30, 2012

Giambattista Valli.

giambattista valli.
spring 2012 couture.

hello fashionistas. it's bright and early here in the stl. it's really weird because today i looked at the weather forecast so i could decide what to wear today and it's going to be 66 degrees!!!! what the heck is going on with the world!?!?! this is crazy. anyways, i thought that i owed you guys another fashion show review so here it is!
the giambattista valli spring couture show (try saying that three times fast) was probably my favorite out of all the spring 2012 couture shows this year. everything else was oddly disappointing and realllyyyy lacked that true essence of haute couture that i so look forward to. but anyways, i suppose i'll live. so this show had an oscar de la renta feel to it that i really liked because everyone knows that de la renta is definitely one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE DESIGNNERRSS! so it started off as a very black and white collection and then once you got to the end you were bombarded with gorgeous pinks and purples. it was really cool. it didn't have a harsh look to it at all, even though it was mainly black and white. everything seemed to be made to perfection. gorgeous draping in the gowns, killer details, soft floral embellishments, and an extreme sense of opulence made this show spectacular. i really enjoyed giving this show in particular a deeper look because it was so much fun to look at all of these amazing pieces of clothing. i need to somehow find a way to be a hit celebrity so that i can be dressed in couture garb everyday. -__- oh well....i don't think that's going to happen anytime soon so i'll hold off on that aspiration for awhile. anyways, hope you guys give this show a look. here's my favorite looks from the show. enjoy!!!
-morgan =)

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