Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Metal Lovers.

models: ilse de boer & louis simonon.
photographer: emma tempest.
metal magazine.

hey there kiddos. well, today is my first day of school for the spring 2012 semester. i'm kind of excited. and the funny thing is, i didn't even think about school at all over my month or so winter break. it really didn't even cross my mind. but now, that i'm sitting inside of this library i had gotten ever so close to, the feeling of school is now starting to settle back in =) i didn't go to sleep AT ALL. i just stayed up and watched theskorpionshow on youtube while contemplating what outfit i was going to wear today lol. if my sister is up for it, i'll make her take pictures to post later on. but anyways, then i decided to drive to school early to get a good parking spot. and nowwww i'm here. i don't have class for an hour so i figured i would blog for a little bit. i have three classes today. first up is "the fashion industry" then philosophy, and the last class of the day is graphic design. fun right?!!! i'm pretty stoked. 
soooo onto these photographs. i found them yesterday or something and they stuck out to me but in a different sort of way that a group of images usually does. i wasn't really paying attention to the clothes at all. and now that i'm scanning my eyes back over them, i'm still not really looking at the clothes. but the photography here is on point. i think that tempest captured some great photos here. i'm really digging the grittiness but light nature to the pictures. what do you guys think??? email me and let me know. 

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kay, i'm done with this post. toodle-loo fashion friends.
-morgan. =)