Friday, January 27, 2012

Frida Gustavsson.

frida gustavsson.
by: andreas sjodin.
makeup: ignacio alonso.
elle sweden.
february 2012.

this is PERFECT!!! with the exception of the first image in the spread which is cuuuteee...but i didn't like it so much so i decided not to include it in this post. =)
anyways, i'm really into beauty stuff ( that is). i'm over my crazy makeup obsessed days but i always like to see a good set of pictures with some killer makeup. don't you agree? even the clothes are fun. i'm digging the leather jacket. i'm actually wearing mine today because i liked this shoot so much lol. then the second outfit on here has GOT to be my favorite out of all of them. i've never been a big fan of creepers or that style shoe but my girl frida here makes em' look goooood. so if you can't tell i think for this spread elle sweden picked the perfect model, perfect clothes, perfect makeup, and perfect photographer for this. lovveesss iiitttt!
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