Monday, January 30, 2012

Giambattista Valli.

giambattista valli.
spring 2012 couture.

hello fashionistas. it's bright and early here in the stl. it's really weird because today i looked at the weather forecast so i could decide what to wear today and it's going to be 66 degrees!!!! what the heck is going on with the world!?!?! this is crazy. anyways, i thought that i owed you guys another fashion show review so here it is!
the giambattista valli spring couture show (try saying that three times fast) was probably my favorite out of all the spring 2012 couture shows this year. everything else was oddly disappointing and realllyyyy lacked that true essence of haute couture that i so look forward to. but anyways, i suppose i'll live. so this show had an oscar de la renta feel to it that i really liked because everyone knows that de la renta is definitely one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE DESIGNNERRSS! so it started off as a very black and white collection and then once you got to the end you were bombarded with gorgeous pinks and purples. it was really cool. it didn't have a harsh look to it at all, even though it was mainly black and white. everything seemed to be made to perfection. gorgeous draping in the gowns, killer details, soft floral embellishments, and an extreme sense of opulence made this show spectacular. i really enjoyed giving this show in particular a deeper look because it was so much fun to look at all of these amazing pieces of clothing. i need to somehow find a way to be a hit celebrity so that i can be dressed in couture garb everyday. -__- oh well....i don't think that's going to happen anytime soon so i'll hold off on that aspiration for awhile. anyways, hope you guys give this show a look. here's my favorite looks from the show. enjoy!!!
-morgan =)

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Frida Gustavsson.

frida gustavsson.
by: andreas sjodin.
makeup: ignacio alonso.
elle sweden.
february 2012.

this is PERFECT!!! with the exception of the first image in the spread which is cuuuteee...but i didn't like it so much so i decided not to include it in this post. =)
anyways, i'm really into beauty stuff ( that is). i'm over my crazy makeup obsessed days but i always like to see a good set of pictures with some killer makeup. don't you agree? even the clothes are fun. i'm digging the leather jacket. i'm actually wearing mine today because i liked this shoot so much lol. then the second outfit on here has GOT to be my favorite out of all of them. i've never been a big fan of creepers or that style shoe but my girl frida here makes em' look goooood. so if you can't tell i think for this spread elle sweden picked the perfect model, perfect clothes, perfect makeup, and perfect photographer for this. lovveesss iiitttt!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vogue Italia.

anna lundgaard.
vogue italia.
february 2012.

hi guys! i love this!! it reminds me of how my bedroom used to look until i redid it. i remember people used to be obsessed with my wall that was covered in fashions spreads and advertisements. (lol, a real hit among the hipster kids). these pics are great. i've never head of anna before so i looked her up. she's a newcomer for unique models. i like her. i can dig her look and style....especially for this. vogue italia is big time for a new model. i'm enjoying how this was styled. it's got a masculine and rock edge but a sophisticated clean cut feel to it. it's kind of like she's trying to be this harsh rebel but she's really pretty put together and polished. i could compare this to a way. maybe...sorta kinda...idk, you guys can judge for yourself lol. anyways, like i said earlier, look out for fashion show reviews from the haute couture shows going on. i'll talk to you guys later. if you need anything, be sure to shoot me an email. otherwise, head over to my youtube channel to check out my videos.


Dansk Covers.

freja beha erichsen.
juliane gruner.
spring/summer 2012.

hello lovelies. it's like four o'clock in the morning and i'm still wide awake. i'm supposed to get up in like an hour and half and go to school. =/
my sleep schedule is all kind of effed up ever since that long winter break. it seemed like a summer break. since it's only the second week back at school, hopefully next week i'll go back to being nocturnal lol. anyways, i don't have too much commentary on these two covers. i just really really liked them and thought i'd post them on here. hope you enjoy. stay tuned for more show reviews.
toodles fashionistas!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Coco Rocha.

coco rocha.
photographer: chris nicholls.
flare magazine.
february 2012.

ohhh coco, how i've missed you so. i haven't done a post with you in it for awhile girl!!! where you been?!?! lol. i love this girl, and i think i always have. this set of photographs is really fun. i love the mix of the different designers from the likes of louis vuitton, miu miu, and erdem all mixed together. it's funny because every shot seen here is so different but i must say that i'm a pretty big fan of all of this even though nothing necessarily matches or "goes together." but that's okay, because it works! =)
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Young Americans.

"young americans."
andie arthur.
by: siljia magg.

hello people of the world. i'm so happy i found this group of photographs. i don't know what they're for but i know who shot them, i guess that's all that really matters. i'm stuck in this weird point in my life. i decided to stay at home this year instead of going away to school right away, and i feel like even though i'm constantly working and staying busy grinding, i still feel as though i'm a child. one part of me hates it because i'm still under my parents' watch, but then i kind of don't want to grow up too soon either. these pictures remind me of the spirit of my sister and i. just carefree, wild, and imaginative spirits. i suppose that's why i connect with this so much. anyways, i hope you guys like it. in the mean time, go head over to my youtube channel for new videos. be sure to subscribe once you get there. i'll talk to you guys later.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Metal Lovers.

models: ilse de boer & louis simonon.
photographer: emma tempest.
metal magazine.

hey there kiddos. well, today is my first day of school for the spring 2012 semester. i'm kind of excited. and the funny thing is, i didn't even think about school at all over my month or so winter break. it really didn't even cross my mind. but now, that i'm sitting inside of this library i had gotten ever so close to, the feeling of school is now starting to settle back in =) i didn't go to sleep AT ALL. i just stayed up and watched theskorpionshow on youtube while contemplating what outfit i was going to wear today lol. if my sister is up for it, i'll make her take pictures to post later on. but anyways, then i decided to drive to school early to get a good parking spot. and nowwww i'm here. i don't have class for an hour so i figured i would blog for a little bit. i have three classes today. first up is "the fashion industry" then philosophy, and the last class of the day is graphic design. fun right?!!! i'm pretty stoked. 
soooo onto these photographs. i found them yesterday or something and they stuck out to me but in a different sort of way that a group of images usually does. i wasn't really paying attention to the clothes at all. and now that i'm scanning my eyes back over them, i'm still not really looking at the clothes. but the photography here is on point. i think that tempest captured some great photos here. i'm really digging the grittiness but light nature to the pictures. what do you guys think??? email me and let me know. 

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kay, i'm done with this post. toodle-loo fashion friends.
-morgan. =)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana.

dolce & gabbana.
fall 2012.
images via

hello folks. sooooo all the shows for menswear fall 2012 are going on right now.
i'm really loving everything that i've been seeing lately. so far, the dolce & gabbana show has been my favorite. it exuded such a sophistication and looking at it felt like you were watching a story unfold through time. it was pretty gosh darn cool if you ask me. it had an operatic artsy vibe, but with a touch of modernism. but then towards the end, the reeled it in and you were able to see that structure and impeccable cuts/tailoring were the star of the show. i hope you guys head over to to read the review for yourself. this was pretty awesome guys. here's my favorite looks from the show.
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-morgan =)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


fashizblack magazine.
january 2012.
this is a gorgeous cover. since i've been trying to diversify my blog a little bit more, i thought that i should introduce you guys to this fairly young magazine called fashizblack. they started off doing their thing online and recently decided to turn into a print publication. they're pretty expensive to get your hands on but the content is pretty nifty. it's french, so don't get your panties in a bunch if you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you while trying to read the words on the cover lol. i did the same thing at first. but yeah, they also have a blog. so check em' out guys. hope you enjoy. email me if you want me to continue youtube stuff....i've realllyyyyy been slackin' on it lately and have other requests i still need to do =/
oh well.
until next time.
-morgs, over and out. - France

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Karlie Kloss.

model: karlie kloss.
photographer: guy aroch.
free people.
january 2012.

getting sick of my karlie kloss posts yet people??? well i don't care if you are or not because it's obvious that i've become obsessed with any and every single thing that she does so i'm not going to stop my posts on her. believe it or not, i don't show you everything she's in. i try to spare you guys from seeing her face everyday lol.
but here she is for free people's january ad. i like it. it's very young, hip, carefree. i want to get out of the lou so bad and move to new york, so i really like this shoot because of that. she's such a chameleon. she can literally pose any way and do anything. even though she's not crazy with her dress and out there, she brings a magical quality to fashion that i enjoy.
hope you guys like this as much as i do (even though it's pretty simple).
tah tah for now.
-morgan =)