Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chic Revenge.

w magazine.
october 2008.
by: mario sorrenti.

whoa! now what the heck do you think would happen if my girl lady gaga got her hands on this!
lol. this is so much fun just to look at. it's so interesting because the model has such a FIERCE face, but yet everything about the shoot is gum droppy, colorful, and fun. or at least that's how i'm perceiving it. you know, whenever i leave these extra long commentaries on different editorial shoots i find while browsing the internet or magazines from my personal collection, i always hope that my readers are able to learn how to expand their brains and minds to try and find the reasons behind particular photography or pieces of art. i'm a very analytical and philosophical thinker who is also a bit of a conspiracy theorist at times. i always try to look at little things from whatever it is and try to pin-point reasons why.
i've been like that ever since i can remember. my mom and other adults in my life who have been around for the majority of it can safely say that i've always been that kid who asks "why"? constantly. haa.
well...that's just me.
i think that this editorial for w is trying to convey some sort of feeling towards beauty that it can come in a variety of ways....also how people take certain things so seriously and how they end up looking for child-like and a bit bizarre but to certain people, it's the most wonderfully breathtaking thing in the world...
idk, didn't read the article that went along with it so i can't really say for sure. i just came across this set of photographs and began thinking so hard about them that i just HAD to put them on my blog. they are. think for yourself, learn how to reason guys. form an opinion. art comes down to whatever it is that you think it is..

Monday, October 25, 2010

Elle Sweden.

frida gustavsson.
by magnus magnusson.
elle sweden.
november 2010.

this whole mother earth, dream catcher, hippie, bohemian thing is ever so popular in the editorial world of fashion right about now. i'm likin' it or whatever but god damn! enough is enough.
anywayss, i like the stuff though, i guess that would explain why i'm doing a post on it. this is kind of the blonde haired blue eyed version of the shoot i posted a couple days ago with liu wen in it. but this one is cool too. even though the liu one still tops...sorry frida. this makes me want to run and go play outside soooo baaaddd! don't you guys love fall!??! i need to start doing more outfit posts on here...even though i've only done like three....but i should still go ahead and get on that. yeaaaahh, ok i will, so expect some outfit posts in the near future guys.
okie dokie, i'm out. peace.


numero #53.
may 2004.

okay, so i know this is definitely like a six year throwback but i'm pretty sure not everyone has seen this.
actually i'm positive. so anyway, i love the photography here. i post some stuff solve sundsbo did earlier today, and i decided to look up some more of his work.
very impressive let me tell ya.
the model here is marija vujovic. this shoot is soo SICK!
just golden and shimmery...tight tight tight is all i have to say.
love it.
check it out for yourself.

Giorgio Armani.

spring 2011.
milan fashion week.

okay, okay so i know fashion week was last month BUUUTTTT there are still so many cool things that i never got the chance to touch on with you guys. giorgio armani is probably one of my most favorite designers. i love the way he makes women look. i think that in comparison to all the other major designers out there in the fashion world currently,...he just simply "gets it." ya know what i'm sayin? hopefully you do. so anyways, this show was AMAZING. i loved because i thought the concept was so beautiful and how it corresponded identically with all of the garments that were presented. the whole thing was the sahara desert at night and how the night sky looks on everything. genius right? i know.
so everything was this cool deep blue or black. even though he stuck with identical colors throughout the whole show, the use of texture was absolutely incredible so it didn't get boring. there were shear pieces, sprinkles, sparkles, glittery crap, ahhhh just so much cool stuff was added. and me, being one for detail adored all of that extraness. there was a sense of tribal layering, cool fabrics, knits, and tailoring.
i gotta tell you guys, i loved it all. good job armani team, you guys did a great job on this one.!

Anja Rubik.

vogue russia.
november 2010.
by: solve sundsbo.
styled by: simon robins.

ooOoo la-la. she looks so sophisticated. this editorial has some movie star-esque qualities about it.
me like. and ohh that lovely blonde hair. those wigs are styled pretty nicely..well i think so.
she looks so intense and dramatic.
ohh anja, love ya girl ;)
you know what guys, it seems like glamour and all things luxurious are back in full effect.
everything has to be nice and net, clothes have to have wonderful draping, not one hair out of place, perfect makeup, the whole nine. but i'm diggin' it.

Via tarsha

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vogue Portugal.

november 2010.
model: vera.
photographer: emma tempest.

cool huh? i really enjoy the angles and lighting..looks sweet.
wonder what she's looking at or thinking about...hmmm??
i don't really know, you tell me.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Arena Homme.

arena homme +
10 cover.
benjamin warbis.
photographed by nick knight.
makeup by alex box.

hmmmm, this is interesting...
very very interesting.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wild Dreams.

liu wen.
shot by greg kadel.
vogue germany.
styled by kate mossman.

what a perfect title for this editorial. this is absolutely breath-taking. and if you don't agree with me, ...just go away. lol. i was ironically just going through an obsession with music from the lion king movies and i had "he lives in you" and "circle of life" on repeat for the past couple of days. this shoot has soooo much vibrancy and movement. i really had a hard time choosing what pictures i wanted to include in this post only because i loved all of them. this is GENIUS, don't ya think?
the amazing colors and sharpness of the photography makes it all the more captivating and inviting to stare at. she looks soo cool here! this is probably one of my most favorite spreads i've seen for any of the vogue magazines in a really long time. i'm thinking about getting these images printed out and posted somewhere on a wall in my room...too bad all the walls in my room are already completely covered with fashion ads, but this one needs to be put up somewhere...maybe on my ceiling?? ahh, who knows.
i am mesmerized by everything, the clothes, her poses, the intensity of the makeup, the clear blue background, the's all so sick.
anyways, if you can't tell, i really really like this and i hope you do too.
soooo here we go folks, take a look for yourself.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Georgia May Jagger.

harpers bazaar.
by: hedi slimane.

i don't know all of the facts behind who put this together but i'll go ahead and put the link at the end of this post. georgia may looks sooo gorgeous in this editorial. i think it's a look of class and sophistication that almost anyone could look to and admire. very fierce and glamorous clothing but at the same time she looks so naturally pretty, (which i like a lot).
she looks so timeless, like a REAL model, not so much like some famous persons' kid. i haven't seen this good of pics from her in awhile, sooo i must say that i am pretty darn impressed here.
this gets two thumbs up from me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


model: helene desmettre.
photographer: gaeton caputo.

okay, okay i'm done with all the crazy makeup shoots for awhile.
but i've just been finding so many cool pictures with great makeup looks that i just can't help but show you guys. but i guess i'll get back to the clothes ehhhh..for those of you who want to see that sort of stuff.
alrighty then. look for a bunch of posts within these next couple of days.
i'm trying to make up for the stuff i haven't been bad.
but i'm back in full effect.
(i feel like i've been doing too much apologizing for not posting lately)
...i'll get it together, i promise ;)


Karlie Kloss.

by tim walker.
vogue uk.
october 2010.
"russian dolls"

ahhhh it's karlliieeee!!! my little native st. louisan!! love her.
ok so this editorial for vogue uk is pretty sick if you ask me.
i really do like the whole concept of the russian doll thing.
she could sooo teach all the chicks on america's next top model
a thing or two about modeling lol. she's obviously got it all down pact.
the boldness and dramatics of this shoot are what really makes it all
the more fascinating. =D
you can soo tell that the clothes she's sporting are from galliano and mcqueen.
i think that some of them are ellie saab's too. --which is amazing because i'm a big
ellie saab fan as well. i think that one of my first blog posts ever was stuff from one of his shows.
anyways, done blabbering. ttyl fashionistas.

Anne Vyalitsyna.

elle sweden.
november 2010.
by john scarisbrick.

whoa, pretty hot huh? anne looks so gorgeous! i'm happy to see her as the covergirl for elle's november issue. the makeup here is soo "fall-like" so i really enjoy this editorial. her freckles are AMAZING. i remember growing up and all the girls i went to school with or hung out with on the weekends couldn't stand the sight of their freckles but i was always oddly fascinated with them. i always thought that those little sun spots on their faces were so beautiful. i'm liking the fact that a lot of magazines and photographers now shoot girls with these different qualities, being a large amount of freckles, curly red hair, birthmarks, whatever it is, i think it's good that women embrace their different qualities and things that make them unique. we're all so different anyway, what really is the point in always trying to be the same??