Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Abstract Art.

john larson.
contemporary painter.
from new jersey.

okie dokie folks, soooo i don't really want to overwhelm everyone with a ton of fashion week posts because i think that would get just a tad bit too repetitive and possibly even a little boring, aaand we don't want that. sooo i thought that i'd go ahead and introduce you guys to another artist. as most of you are well aware, i am a big art geek. i get told daily that i am a hipster artsy person, and hey, i'm fine with that. it's my thing. lol. so i find this john larson guy pretty amazing. he does these incredible abstractions and fuses a variety of colors together to create these awesome textures that you can't help but be mesmerized by. it's pretty genius if you ask me. he started off doing simple still life paintings and it seems as though he got a little too bored with them. i can totally agree. as a person who does art on the regular, i can safely say that still life things do get a little blah after awhile. in order to really get deep into your emotions and create something that really captivates your feelings, i think that abstractions are the way to go. and that's exactly what mr. larson did. he uses mainly acrylic paints and blends the most vibrant colors together on canvas to create these epic works of art. all of them contain a similar technique but, to me, are all so different. really look at them and find the deeper meanings to them that rests beyond the paint.
have a nice days guys.
bye! =)