Saturday, February 26, 2011


image taken by me!
i'm trying out my photography skills haha.
dig it??

today was such a blahh day. i didn't have to work, and i don't feel like going out...soo i spent all day catching up on the mtv skins episodes that i missed and listening to music. i've also been obsessed with looking at clothes that i cannot afford, talking to old friends, and playing with my hair.
sounds fun right? lol, yeah, pretty boring if you ask me. i've been in this strange mood lately where i just simply don't have the energy to do anything..that's not good is it?? i know...oh well.
i've finally started reading the vogue us for march's good so far i suppose.
i still have to go out and buy the harper's bazaar and elle us for this month, but the problem is i have no money. i seem to always blow it on candy and junk food, even though i don't even end up eating it all due to my severe lack of appetite. and i'm sure all of you are also just as pissed off as i am about these sky high gas prices. i'm to the point now where i'm probably going to start riding my bike everywhere haha...then i'll have some pretty killer big thighs, ehhh i don't want that lol.
okay, well...i just really wanted to show you guys this awesome picture i took today on my crappy camera, hope you like it. oh and be sure to check out my new youtube channel, no one's been subscribing to it. i need more subscribers like i had on my other check it out.
talk to you guys later.