Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alexander Wang.

alexander wang.
new york fashion week.
fall 2011 collection.
images via

alright everyone. now, my dude alexander wang and i have had a love/hate relationship over these past few seasons. this one...ehhhh i don't really know. i looked only at the pictures and finally had any time to actually sit down and watch the entire show. maybe watching the clothing move as the models walk down the runway might have changed my mind. who knows? well, i liked the inspiration behind it though. very cool.
he decided to go ahead and make fun of everything that has been going on in fashion recently. ya know, if you keep up, i'm sure you've noticed that everything has been revolving around glamour and luxury, and blaz-ay blah-zay blah, but he decided to go completely against that whole trend. he wanted to twist all of his clothing to make a comment about this recent foo-foo epidemic and make a joke out of it in a way. all of the outerwear pieces were different fabrics fused together to make a bold statement. it was neat. i think you'll have to go check out the site to get the full affect for yourself. i liked this collection for the most part. i think that the photographs didn't do it as much justice as seeing the video did...and i'm sure that seeing the live show would've made the clothes pretty amazing. uhhhh, oh well. what can ya do?
anyways, here are some of my favorite images.