Friday, February 25, 2011


fall 2011 collection.
milan fashion week.

ok, so i'm thinking that of all the fashion weeks for fall 2011 that have gone on so far, milan is definitely in the lead for the best shows. i had a rough time trying to choose which show i wanted to discuss...soo i picked this one. the prada show has been getting amazing reviews and a ton of attention. it supposedly start an hour or so late because of model issues, then they had to replace a bunch of people at the last minute, there's debate over who opened the show..sooo a lot of drama went down, but the show ended up being amazing. miuccia amazes me every time. this collection was so fun, bright, eye-catching, and different. instead of focusing on women as wild sex vixens, she then wanted to make them look chic but with an innocence to them, and i think she did a good job of pulling that off. the show opened with these amazing jackets and dresses. there really wasn't anything too form fitting. there were a lot of thick fabrics, fur, and drop waists. but she managed to make it all look flattering and still feminine. there were amazing glasses and reverences to aviation via the head gear that was shown. i'm thinking about doing a post on hats later on because 1. i wear them ALL THE TIME and 2. i think they're a great accessory that really helps bring out beauty in people who have amazing facial features. so anyways, towards the end she moved onto this funky plastic, shiny, stuff that was used on the dresses, tops, and skirts. i think she did a job well done with the color choices for those particular garments, as well as the overall clothing construction. there were sweet clutches that the models held tightly as they walked through this complicated runway set up. hmmm..this post is getting rather long so i think i'm going to wrap it up now. alrighty, here's my favorite looks.