Sunday, February 13, 2011

V Man.

kanye west.
winter 2011.
by: karl lagerfeld.
styled and edited by: jacob k.

yeezy! he's all over the place isn't he. kanye is one of those people that gets a ton of flack but i've always supported ol' dude. this is because lyrically, style-wise, and just his overall persona has always been on point. if you look back at the beginnings of almost any celebrity, artist, singer, rapper, whatever..they don't look, act, or sound anything like how they did when they first came out. now i've been a pretty consistent listener of kanye for a looooong time now and i can honestly say that homeboy has always stayed pretty true to himself and i so respect him for that. my beautiful dark twisted fantasy was an amazing album and probably one that i bump in my car the most often. haven't gotten sick of it yet lol.
and i also don't think i will anytime soon. i'm happy that the guy has started to get back in the good graces of the public. i mean, there's still a bunch of people who don't fancy the guy, but hey, you can't make everyone like you now can you kanye. i'm still one of your fans dog.