Monday, February 7, 2011


fall/winter 2011.
paris show.
photographer: andrew weir.
acw worldwide.

soooo...i'm not so sure if every single one of my blog readers is completely aware...maybe those of you who keep up with me on a daily basic, because i'm almost 100% sure that i have mentioned this once or twice before, but in case you missed it, i am not only interesting in womenswear but also in menswear. i think that it is a part of the fashion industry that is still needing some new creativity and gusto. there's been some new menswear designers that have popped up on the scene, but not enough for my personal liking lol.
soooo..anyways, i found this because i was looking for new male models to gawk at haha,
and i came across this abundance of awesomeness.
the casting director andrew weir goes behind the scenes with these photographs so that people can get a real close up of the show and the models.
nice ehh??
check it out.

Malthe Lund Madsen