Monday, February 21, 2011

Jason Wu.

fall 2011.
new york fashion week.

jason! jason! jason! good job buddy.
this is probably a 180 from the whole "point" or statement that alexander wang was trying to make with his fall 2011 fashion show. i dig both of them, but i guess this one is tailored more towards my personal design aesthetic. jason wu is an incredible designer. this collection had a very couture/fantasy/regal feel to it that i absolutely enjoyed. the detailing was superb. he incorporated simple garments with lace and little extra bits of fun that popped on the runway. it was all very lady-like and played a lot on tailoring and everything looking polished. i think he succeeded in the message he was trying to get across. jason has fun with his designs but makes them beautiful, wearable, and admirable by any woman from any walk of life. the color palette was so interesting and everything complimented each other. i support the kid, he's out here doing his thing and doing an amazing job at it. so, i'd advise that everyone go and watch the full show for yourself, you'll fall in love.