Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frida Gustavsson.

street style.
shot by nam.

i found the article on this photograph very interesting. i'll put the link to it at the end of this post so you can go check it out for yourself. it's pretty neat. you know, when you're a fashion obsessed person like myself, one thing that "we" do is not only look to the big designers and labels for inspiration but also the blogs, photographers, and people who post street style things as well. it's a lot more personal and it gives you a chance to really see how all of the big trends, ideas, politics, moral character, ideas of beauty, in tuned with a bunch of other things are translated into people's everyday wear. it's interesting to me. my post doesn't quite correspond directly with the article that i want you guys to read, but it's more of a comment on this whole topic as a whole. i personally love seeing people who break the mold and don't wear what society tells them is alright. i also admire men and women who do follow trends and want to seem or appear "fashionable" but do it with their own twist. i think that's the beauty of it all. when you walk out of the house in whatever it is that you are wearing, it is how you are choosing to present yourself to the rest of the world. people can tell a lot about one another simply by how they dress. that's why i think it's important to go ahead and look at others for inspiration but no to copy. go ahead and be yourself because many can often read through "unrealness"(i'm pretty sure that's not a word lol, but you get my point).
...i don't know, take a second to really think about it.
that's my two cents on it. go ahead and read the article, you'll find it interesting...i hope haha.
alrighty, tah-tah for now.
frida gustavsson kiss