Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Erin Wasson.

ad campaign.
by: fred meylan.

well isn't this just one of the most creative t-shirts you've ever seen in your entire life.
and she's tatted up too! oh my gosh you guys, i think i've fallen in love with this image lol.
i think it really is pretty sick though. i mean, it caught my eye..and my eyes are pretty gosh darn hard to catch. let me tall ya'. ahhhh, there's sooo many models being photographed who have visible tattoos as well as celebrities. i will admit that it has become somewhat of a fad and that people shouldn't always latch on the idea of them because they are indeed permanent, but i REALLY like them. i think the ones i want are so original...hmmmm...oh! i made a whole ten minute video on this on my youtube channel so you can go right ahead and check that out just in case you missed it.
the link to my channel is on the side of the page.
alrighty, i'm gonna go brush my teeth and call it a night..even though it's still kinda early for me since i usually don't wind up in bed til' about 4:30 am..
ok, enough rambling for now.
toodles fashionistas.

Zadig+Voltaire Ad Campaign Erin Wasson by Fred Meylan