Tuesday, February 1, 2011


spring/summer 2011.
shot by: josh olins.
model: milou van groeson.
hair: shon.
makeup: hannah murray.

woo-hoo topshop! i cannot wait until my 18th birthday hits next month on MARCH 3RD! (don't forget to wish me happy birthday lol). i'll finally be a woman...wow, weeiirrrdd.
there's three items that i'd really like to purchase from topshop and since i don't live anywhere near new york or london, i'm gonna have to buy the stuff online. i was this red letterman jacket that's like eighty something bucks..then these tan leather strappy heels that are like one-sixty plus, aaand this leopard print dress with a rounded black collar. hopefully none of those things sell out within the next month,...buuut now that i think about it they probably will lol. oh well. i made a long wishlist and put it as a sticky note on the background of my laptop so i know what clothes i want. i added everything up and i'm going to probably need around two-thousand dollars..greeeaat lol.
but that's why they call it a wishlist, right? haha.