Friday, February 25, 2011

A White Story.

sasha pivovarova and guinevere van seenus.
vogue italia.
april 2010.
by: paolo roversi.

(i am so surprised that i have never seen this before.) anyways, who ever thought white could be so haunting.? i mean look at his, everything is white, they're hella pale, the lighting is even washed out but everything still seems really scary and demented....and i like it. haha. i wish that i was good with a camera, or that i owned  a really nice one. every time i try to save up to buy my nikon, i always end up spending my money on some pointless thing that i don't need..i need to learn better budgeting skills.... the coldness of their eyes and the chalkiness of it all makes this particular editorial so fascinating. they look so depressed and bummed out on life it's ridiculous. i'm thinking that their clothes being tattered as well as the overall mood itself is trying to point out the unhappiness of many women...being forced to act and live in a perfect world, but yet they face many deep problems that eat away at them internally which leads to self destruction..not saying that they look like they're about to kill themselves, but to me it seems like they're on their way unless they decide to step out and getting a little sunshine in their lives lol. i think this also points out how certain things that women are expected to do such as get married, have children, be a "lady", so on and so forth really tear aways at people. when they give in to the pressures that they are faced with, they're left very unhappy, bitter, alone, cold, and often dead inside. sasha and guinevere are very good models that are excellent in shoots like this because they always seem to be good at telling a story, portraying a character, selling the clothes, as well as looking artistic and "fashiony" at the same time. bravo darlings. more of these chicks out here need to take notes. you guys are some outstanding professionals. =)