Monday, February 21, 2011


model: annabella barber.
photographer: daniel nadel.
yen, #48.
styled by: pip vassett.

ahhhh the androgynousness of the fashion world intrigues me to no end.
....i would say that sometimes my style seems to be looked upon as a little androgynous in a way but then again, i also incorporate feminine touches...soooo i don't know.
today i'm not in the greatest mood. it's president's day, so i was off from school but i had to wake up super early to go to a mock trial practice, the come home and take my mom out....i'm grounded, sick, about to get kicked out of my house =/ .... a little depressed, stressed out, and there's also a certain someone who is driving me crazy every single day...anyways, i decided to wear all black today to emulate my mood and what i'm going through. i can't take pictures to show you, but next time i'll be sure to. i have on a black hat with my hair pulled back, but my bangs are all in face, really heavy black eyeliner, red lip gloss,..a plain black mid-quarter sleeved shirt, black jeans, and white keds to represent me trying to have hope for the future in this sea of darkness. anyways, when i came across these images, it kind of reminded me of myself in a sense...they're kinda quirky, but cool... and i felt the need to share them with all of you. sooo, go ahead and take a look.yen2 Annabella Barber by Daniel Nadel for <em>Yen</em> #48
yen1 Annabella Barber by Daniel Nadel for <em>Yen</em> #48
yen4 Annabella Barber by Daniel Nadel for <em>Yen</em> #48
yen5 Annabella Barber by Daniel Nadel for <em>Yen</em> #48