Friday, February 11, 2011

Lady Gaga.

vogue us.
march 2011.
photographer: mario testino.

FINALLY! i've been waiting for these pictures to come out for awhile now and they're finally out here. sweet.! well, i was kind of excited when i found out that vogue us was putting lady gaga as the covergirl for their "power issue" slash spring fashion issue. she totally fits the bill. i would say that i am definitely a gaga fan and a proud little monster. but, at the same time i'd also like to throw it out there that i am not a die-hard fan. i know so many hard core gaga fans, it's ridiculous lol. but don't get me wrong, she is a pretty cool chick. i remember i found out about her long before she was ever featured on the radio or mtv simply because i like to listen to a lot of odd underground stuff, and she was a person that i had come across, liked..but didn't go nuts over. then when she blew up i kind of steered away from listening or even reading about her because i thought that everything she was doing and how she portrayed herself to the world was often very insincere. sooo i suppose after that, i (for whatever reason) started listening to her shit  again and realized that she was pretty cool. then i became very interested in her and the moment i actually started sitting down and listening to her talk, the more i realized how smart she actually is. i'm always one to over analyze things or try to find some conspiracy or hidden meaning behind something and her work allows for me to be able to do that, and it's really fun trying to figure out what goes on inside of her head. she's deep and i dig her for that. i still say that she tries too hard to get attention, but that's okay. you've got to stand out somehow, so i'm down for all of her actions. she's a fly chick. so, i'm not hatin',...just appreciatin'. haha.
but yeah, there goes my two cents on that. i could talk about her for days but i'd feel like i'd bore you all.
so, that being said..tah-tah for now fashionistas.

Lady Gaga for Vogue US March 2011