Monday, February 28, 2011

Playing Fashion.

playing fashion magazine.
emma tempest.
march 2011.
shot by: chadwick tyler.

there's something about simplicity mixed with elegance that transpires into artlessness and sincerity.
i think the cover for this high fashion russian magazine embodies all of those things. the softness and subtlety makes it all the more enthralling. as a person walking past this cover, i would immediately stop in my tracks and find myself going backwards to open up the pages and see what's inside. fashion is magic, embrace it, enjoy it, live it.

Chadwick Tyler.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vogue Paris.

vogue paris.
march 2011.
anna de rijk.
photographed by: inez & vinoodh.
"Expression Rigurative"

well, this caught my attention and actually scared me for half a second lol.
i think the blue over-tone as well as the pink/purple hues in the makeup make this extra dope.
i'm tellin' ya, and i'll say it until i die, vogue paris is my favorite vogue of all time.
carine roitfeld is my girl and everyone else who works for that magazine. you guys know they always put out the most interesting, creative, and captivating issues of their publication. i love it. they win, hands down. sorryy...

anna de rijk2 Anna de Rijk by Inez & Vinoodh for <em>Vogue Paris</em> March 2011
anna de rijk3 Anna de Rijk by Inez & Vinoodh for <em>Vogue Paris</em> March 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011


image taken by me!
i'm trying out my photography skills haha.
dig it??

today was such a blahh day. i didn't have to work, and i don't feel like going out...soo i spent all day catching up on the mtv skins episodes that i missed and listening to music. i've also been obsessed with looking at clothes that i cannot afford, talking to old friends, and playing with my hair.
sounds fun right? lol, yeah, pretty boring if you ask me. i've been in this strange mood lately where i just simply don't have the energy to do anything..that's not good is it?? i know...oh well.
i've finally started reading the vogue us for march's good so far i suppose.
i still have to go out and buy the harper's bazaar and elle us for this month, but the problem is i have no money. i seem to always blow it on candy and junk food, even though i don't even end up eating it all due to my severe lack of appetite. and i'm sure all of you are also just as pissed off as i am about these sky high gas prices. i'm to the point now where i'm probably going to start riding my bike everywhere haha...then i'll have some pretty killer big thighs, ehhh i don't want that lol.
okay, well...i just really wanted to show you guys this awesome picture i took today on my crappy camera, hope you like it. oh and be sure to check out my new youtube channel, no one's been subscribing to it. i need more subscribers like i had on my other check it out.
talk to you guys later.

Emily Senko.

marie claire italia.
march 2011.
shot by: wendy bevan.

i have yet to decide whether or not this is meant to be taken serious or if it's supposed to be fun..hmm..i wonder.
either way, i like it.
it looks like flashes of nostalgia that are supposed to come from some deep and provocative love novel or something. it also seems to have quite a bit of latin influences due to the style of the images, her hair, the wardrobe choices, as well as the abundance of florals. this is pretty cool..i guess.

lover1 Emily Senko by Wendy Bevan for <em>Marie Claire Italia</em> March 2011
lover3 Emily Senko by Wendy Bevan for <em>Marie Claire Italia</em> March 2011
lover5 Emily Senko by Wendy Bevan for <em>Marie Claire Italia</em> March 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

A White Story.

sasha pivovarova and guinevere van seenus.
vogue italia.
april 2010.
by: paolo roversi.

(i am so surprised that i have never seen this before.) anyways, who ever thought white could be so haunting.? i mean look at his, everything is white, they're hella pale, the lighting is even washed out but everything still seems really scary and demented....and i like it. haha. i wish that i was good with a camera, or that i owned  a really nice one. every time i try to save up to buy my nikon, i always end up spending my money on some pointless thing that i don't need..i need to learn better budgeting skills.... the coldness of their eyes and the chalkiness of it all makes this particular editorial so fascinating. they look so depressed and bummed out on life it's ridiculous. i'm thinking that their clothes being tattered as well as the overall mood itself is trying to point out the unhappiness of many women...being forced to act and live in a perfect world, but yet they face many deep problems that eat away at them internally which leads to self destruction..not saying that they look like they're about to kill themselves, but to me it seems like they're on their way unless they decide to step out and getting a little sunshine in their lives lol. i think this also points out how certain things that women are expected to do such as get married, have children, be a "lady", so on and so forth really tear aways at people. when they give in to the pressures that they are faced with, they're left very unhappy, bitter, alone, cold, and often dead inside. sasha and guinevere are very good models that are excellent in shoots like this because they always seem to be good at telling a story, portraying a character, selling the clothes, as well as looking artistic and "fashiony" at the same time. bravo darlings. more of these chicks out here need to take notes. you guys are some outstanding professionals. =)


fall 2011 collection.
milan fashion week.

ok, so i'm thinking that of all the fashion weeks for fall 2011 that have gone on so far, milan is definitely in the lead for the best shows. i had a rough time trying to choose which show i wanted to discuss...soo i picked this one. the prada show has been getting amazing reviews and a ton of attention. it supposedly start an hour or so late because of model issues, then they had to replace a bunch of people at the last minute, there's debate over who opened the show..sooo a lot of drama went down, but the show ended up being amazing. miuccia amazes me every time. this collection was so fun, bright, eye-catching, and different. instead of focusing on women as wild sex vixens, she then wanted to make them look chic but with an innocence to them, and i think she did a good job of pulling that off. the show opened with these amazing jackets and dresses. there really wasn't anything too form fitting. there were a lot of thick fabrics, fur, and drop waists. but she managed to make it all look flattering and still feminine. there were amazing glasses and reverences to aviation via the head gear that was shown. i'm thinking about doing a post on hats later on because 1. i wear them ALL THE TIME and 2. i think they're a great accessory that really helps bring out beauty in people who have amazing facial features. so anyways, towards the end she moved onto this funky plastic, shiny, stuff that was used on the dresses, tops, and skirts. i think she did a job well done with the color choices for those particular garments, as well as the overall clothing construction. there were sweet clutches that the models held tightly as they walked through this complicated runway set up. hmmm..this post is getting rather long so i think i'm going to wrap it up now. alrighty, here's my favorite looks.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cover Magazine.

cover magazine.
march 2011.
model: maria gregerson.
photographer: rasmus skousen.

i don't know about you guys, but lately...besides the amazing items being displayed at fashion week...i've really been drawn to simplicity and not so "up-tight" fashion images, just like this one.
i like her pose, her hair, the minimal makeup, as well as her outfit.
i think things like these tend to relate more towards the average person who is seeking their own true sense of style instead of trying to be a label whore, that so many people seem to fall victim to.

covermarch <em>Cover Magazine</em> March 2011 Cover | Maria Gregersen by Rasmus Skousen

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


march 2011.
model: mona johannesson.
photographer: mateo montanari.

i'm trying really hard right now to let go of all the negative things in my life, and just learn how to smile.

Abstract Art.

john larson.
contemporary painter.
from new jersey.

okie dokie folks, soooo i don't really want to overwhelm everyone with a ton of fashion week posts because i think that would get just a tad bit too repetitive and possibly even a little boring, aaand we don't want that. sooo i thought that i'd go ahead and introduce you guys to another artist. as most of you are well aware, i am a big art geek. i get told daily that i am a hipster artsy person, and hey, i'm fine with that. it's my thing. lol. so i find this john larson guy pretty amazing. he does these incredible abstractions and fuses a variety of colors together to create these awesome textures that you can't help but be mesmerized by. it's pretty genius if you ask me. he started off doing simple still life paintings and it seems as though he got a little too bored with them. i can totally agree. as a person who does art on the regular, i can safely say that still life things do get a little blah after awhile. in order to really get deep into your emotions and create something that really captivates your feelings, i think that abstractions are the way to go. and that's exactly what mr. larson did. he uses mainly acrylic paints and blends the most vibrant colors together on canvas to create these epic works of art. all of them contain a similar technique but, to me, are all so different. really look at them and find the deeper meanings to them that rests beyond the paint.
have a nice days guys.
bye! =)

Badgley Mischka.

new york fashion week.
fall 2011.

this is so much fun. i have always been a huge admirer of badgley mischka because i love mark and james' take on everything. they always create such wonderful elegant pieces that make me wish i had the money to afford them. this particular collection caught me by surprise because i wasn't expecting the show to pop, and be as loud as it was. now, in comparison to someone like betsey johnson or something it's awfully soft, but for badgley mischka, this is quite colorful and full of exuberance, and i love it. the colors revolved around black, turquoise, and fuchsia. but then, they also incorporated this sickest draping and bits of sparkle to catch all of the spectator's attention as the models walked down the runway. this was a very glamorous show. i enjoyed every bit of it. i also really liked the runway color against the clothes, i feel like it made them stand out more and complimented them in a cool way. it was all a mix of 30s and 40s hollywood glamour, simply breathtaking. i had a really hard time trying to choose the stills from the show that were my favorites to show you guys but it was soo difficult. i got all these pics off of, so you can check that out...or you can google the show and see more reviews and commentary on it as well. have a lovely day fashionistas, tah-tah for now.

Monday, February 21, 2011


model: annabella barber.
photographer: daniel nadel.
yen, #48.
styled by: pip vassett.

ahhhh the androgynousness of the fashion world intrigues me to no end.
....i would say that sometimes my style seems to be looked upon as a little androgynous in a way but then again, i also incorporate feminine touches...soooo i don't know.
today i'm not in the greatest mood. it's president's day, so i was off from school but i had to wake up super early to go to a mock trial practice, the come home and take my mom out....i'm grounded, sick, about to get kicked out of my house =/ .... a little depressed, stressed out, and there's also a certain someone who is driving me crazy every single day...anyways, i decided to wear all black today to emulate my mood and what i'm going through. i can't take pictures to show you, but next time i'll be sure to. i have on a black hat with my hair pulled back, but my bangs are all in face, really heavy black eyeliner, red lip gloss,..a plain black mid-quarter sleeved shirt, black jeans, and white keds to represent me trying to have hope for the future in this sea of darkness. anyways, when i came across these images, it kind of reminded me of myself in a sense...they're kinda quirky, but cool... and i felt the need to share them with all of you. sooo, go ahead and take a look.yen2 Annabella Barber by Daniel Nadel for <em>Yen</em> #48
yen1 Annabella Barber by Daniel Nadel for <em>Yen</em> #48
yen4 Annabella Barber by Daniel Nadel for <em>Yen</em> #48
yen5 Annabella Barber by Daniel Nadel for <em>Yen</em> #48

Jason Wu.

fall 2011.
new york fashion week.

jason! jason! jason! good job buddy.
this is probably a 180 from the whole "point" or statement that alexander wang was trying to make with his fall 2011 fashion show. i dig both of them, but i guess this one is tailored more towards my personal design aesthetic. jason wu is an incredible designer. this collection had a very couture/fantasy/regal feel to it that i absolutely enjoyed. the detailing was superb. he incorporated simple garments with lace and little extra bits of fun that popped on the runway. it was all very lady-like and played a lot on tailoring and everything looking polished. i think he succeeded in the message he was trying to get across. jason has fun with his designs but makes them beautiful, wearable, and admirable by any woman from any walk of life. the color palette was so interesting and everything complimented each other. i support the kid, he's out here doing his thing and doing an amazing job at it. so, i'd advise that everyone go and watch the full show for yourself, you'll fall in love.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dazed & Confused.

march 2011.
mark segal.
benjamin alexander huseby.
kacper kasprzyk.
and sharif hamza.

these are cool.

arizonacover1 Arizona Muse Covers <em>Dazed & Confused</em> March 2011
arizonacover2 Arizona Muse Covers <em>Dazed & Confused</em> March 2011
arizonacover3 Arizona Muse Covers <em>Dazed & Confused</em> March 2011
arizonacover4 Arizona Muse Covers <em>Dazed & Confused</em> March 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anja Rubik.

vogue italia.
by: tom munro.
styled by: victoria bartlett.

i know that i JUST said i wanted to brighten my blog up, and i know that this isn't all fun and dandelions, but at least it's not black and white, ehhh? lol. =)
haha, anyway, i like these. they remind me of my current state right now and how i don't really give a damn about anything around me. i just seem to be taking life day by day and trying to deal with new challenges as they occur but trying my hardest not to stress over them...we'll see how much longer i can stay sane.
it's getting a little difficult.

Kismet Germany.

february 2011.
shanice beerepoot.
photographed by: ron logher.

i thought this was pretty sick. i saw something similar to this a couple years ago in i think one of my harper's bazaar magazines...well, the clothes that is, and i liked it a lot. ya know, my blog is looking a little dark these days lol, i need to brighten it up and make it stop looking so depressing lol.

Alexander Wang.

alexander wang.
new york fashion week.
fall 2011 collection.
images via

alright everyone. now, my dude alexander wang and i have had a love/hate relationship over these past few seasons. this one...ehhhh i don't really know. i looked only at the pictures and finally had any time to actually sit down and watch the entire show. maybe watching the clothing move as the models walk down the runway might have changed my mind. who knows? well, i liked the inspiration behind it though. very cool.
he decided to go ahead and make fun of everything that has been going on in fashion recently. ya know, if you keep up, i'm sure you've noticed that everything has been revolving around glamour and luxury, and blaz-ay blah-zay blah, but he decided to go completely against that whole trend. he wanted to twist all of his clothing to make a comment about this recent foo-foo epidemic and make a joke out of it in a way. all of the outerwear pieces were different fabrics fused together to make a bold statement. it was neat. i think you'll have to go check out the site to get the full affect for yourself. i liked this collection for the most part. i think that the photographs didn't do it as much justice as seeing the video did...and i'm sure that seeing the live show would've made the clothes pretty amazing. uhhhh, oh well. what can ya do?
anyways, here are some of my favorite images.